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Policy Reform on Poultry Industry in Indonesia

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Carmelo Ferlito

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Hizkia Respatiadi

As a country with a majority Muslim population, chicken is one of the most popular commodities in Indonesia. The demand for chicken is greater than countries with higher consumption of pork. Although local production is sufficient for domestic demand, uniquely, the price of broiler chickens and eggs in Indonesia is consistently higher than in Europe and America. In March – October 2018, the average price of broiler chicken in Indonesia was around IDR40,500/kg, while in the European Union the price was around IDR32,600/kg.

We cooperate with Carmelo Ferlito from Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) Malaysia, proposing policy recommendations to reduce the poultry prices in Indonesia, such as harmonizing the regulations and infrastructure improvement. For further explanations, download our latest discussion paper now.

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