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CIPS' Food Monitor consists of regulatory and statistical databases which cover seven important food items in Indonesia: rice, sugar, beef, soybeans, maize, garlic, and wheat. The regulatory database contains relevant regulations for each commodity, with a detailed description of the provisions relevant to the trade, production, quality standards, pricing, or other aspects of the commodity, and a link to the original document. The Food Monitor also provides secondary data in a statistical database about harvests, productivity, exports, imports, prices, and other commodity-specific variables. 


With the spirit of supporting open food trade, CIPS' Food Monitor offers reliable and up-to-date information on Indonesia’s important commodities presented in a user-friendly format and updated regularly to account for any policy changes. 

What You Can Get From Food monitor

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Monthly updated food database that you can easily access


Comprehensive food production, consumption, import-export, prices, and regulation data


Reliable source of data on 7 important commodities


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