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Combating Unrecorded Alcohol Through Law Enforcement: A Case Study in Greater Bandung

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Between January and April 2018, more than 100 people across Indonesia died after consuming non-conforming alcohol (oplosan). It contained methanol, which is an industrial alcohol not suitable for human consumption. Many of these cases were concentrated in Greater Bandung, a metropolitan area that comprises of Bandung District (kabupaten), West Bandung District, Bandung City, and Cimahi City, where 57 fatalities were recorded.

It is recommended that Indonesia conducts regulatory reforms that make properly produced alcoholic beverages more affordable and accessible. Surveys among alcohol consumers in Bandung showed that oplosan is mostly being purchased because it is cheaper and more accessible. The paper argues to reduce restrictions on safe and legal alcohol to divert consumers from seeking alcohol in black markets, and improved education and law enforcement efforts on responsible legal alcohol consumption in the interest of public health and safety.

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