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Regulating Cross-Border Data Flows in the Development Context

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This Policy Brief is published by T20 (an official engagement group of G20) Task Force Meaningful Digital Connectivity, Cyber Security, Empowerment. The recommendations will be shared with G20 leaders.

Internationalization of digital services and products shifts the way data is collected, processed,
and stored, from only within domestic settings to regional or even international level. While this
has helped create digital innovation and improved digital products and services, some
governments feel that they are receiving less than a fair share from the value creation of the data
collected under their jurisdictions. As a response, they create barriers to transnational transfer
of data from their jurisdictions, undercutting growth and development of the digital economy.
Navigating around this issue will require G20 leaders facilitated by the Digital Economy Working
Group (DEWG), to adopt a development-sensitive approach on data policy and promote
solutions that address concerns from the data suppliers.

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