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Promoting Digital Literacy Skill for Students through Improved School Curriculum

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Girl with Backpack

Nadia Fairuza Azzahra

Girl with Backpack

Felippa Amanta

There is an urgent need to increase digital literacy from an early age to minimize the risk of online harm, to equip children who are future voters and consumers with the skills and understanding they need to assume those roles, and to maximize meaningful use of the Internet.

To strengthen students’ digital literacy, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Religious Affairs need to improve the curriculum for teaching ICT. This requires the participation of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics and non-government actors with special expertise in digital solutions. It has to apply a new approach of cultivating critical thinking skills in the classroom, improving teachers’ capacities in both ICT and critical thinking, and introducing basic digital literacy skills for parents.

Girl with Backpack

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