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Changes to Trade Policy in Presidential Regulation 32/2022 on Neraca Komoditas

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Legalized on February 21st 2022, Presidential Regulation No. 32/2022 on Neraca Komoditas is the implementing regulation of the Job Creation Law on trade. It regulates the use of and the procedure to enact Neraca Komoditas. The regulation provides a legal basis for the new Neraca Komoditas trade mechanism after the Government of Indonesia has promoted the idea in the past year. The Neraca Komoditas will be rolled out for rice, salt, sugar, beef and fisheries products in 2022, while other goods that require export and import licensing will start to use Neraca Komoditas in 2023.

This policy brief is written as a follow-up to CIPS’ policy paper “The Advent of a New Trade Governance After the Omnibus Law Neraca Komoditas” that was published before the issuance of Presidential Regulation No. 32/2022.

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