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Underage and Unrecorded Alcohol

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Hizkia Respatiadi

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Sugianto Tandra

In Bandung city, 48% of all students who drank alcohol reported that they started drinking in senior high school, 20% started in junior high school, while 12% started in primary school. In Indonesia, the issue is not about the amount of alcohol consumed in Indonesia, instead it is regarding the underage consumption of alcohol and the consumption of unrecorded alcohol. One such commonly consumed type of unrecorded alcohol is that of oplosan. Oplosan is a type of unrecorded alcohol that can contain non-food ingredients such as mosquito repellant and battery fluids.

To address the ongoing issue, there must be a joint effort by the government, educational institutions, civil society and parents to inform them about the dangers of underage and unrecorded alcohol consumption.

Girl with Backpack

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