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Understanding the Regulatory Environment for ICT Infrastructure in Papua New Guinea: The Integrated Government Information System (IGIS) Case Study

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Muhammad Nidhal

The Integrated Government Information System (IGIS) is a private government network comprising several components such as records and data management services, government email, civil registration, the IGIS portal, IGIS data center & disaster recovery center, IGIS network, and a project management office. The project sought to overcome the dispersed nature of government’s public data across Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) 47 departments. This would enable better collaboration and coordination between government agencies by facilitating a centralized platform for sharing, archiving, and storing data, thus enhancing data centralization and optimizing computing costs.

This case study provides an analysis of the current regulatory environment in which the IGIS project was planned, funded, and implemented in PNG. While the project aimed to streamline public data management, the case study finds governance gaps in security, transparency, and financing aspects of IGIS implementation.

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