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Containing Floods and Landslides: Case Study of Alternative Risk Management in Kejajar Sub-District, Wonosobo, Central Java

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Hizkia Respatiadi

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Floods and landslides are major disasters that occur in the sub-district of Kejajar and the district of Wonosobo. One study concluded that potato farming in the region contributed to soil erosion in the area which triggers flooding and landslides. To prevent such disasters from occurring again, there needs to be a change in the types of crops that are planted by farmers.

Alternative crops such as carica papayas and tamarillo fruit are good alternatives as they have roots that grow deeper into the soil when compared to potatoes. Other recommendations would include the need for the appliance of the central government’s community forestry policy within the region, and finally the need to lift the import restrictions on horticultural products which would lower the price of potatoes and show Indonesia’s commitment to the ASEAN Economic Community.

Girl with Backpack

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