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Charting Pathways for Indonesia’s Personal Data Protection Ecosystem

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

First published in The Jakarta Post (23/08/2022)

A strong data protection framework will provide a solid legal basis for the government to enforce the law and act against cybercriminals, such as hackers and scammers, while also establishing a system of legal accountability for electronic service providers (ESPs).

Governments, however, may not have sufficient time and resources to deal with highly technical standards and mechanisms in a rapidly changing digital ecosystem. Consequently, a co-regulatory approach to the personal data protection ecosystem is needed.

This approach will complement the enforcement of professional and technical sector-specific standards while focusing on preventive measures and engaging non-state actors in enforcement mechanisms. A government-centric approach is no panacea to emerging digital threats.

Legal accountability will provide a checks-and-balances system to help the ESPs ensure they impose appropriate measures in identifying whether they were liable to data breaches, or implement sufficient measures to prevent such breaches as they may affect their business operation.

Having a solid data protection framework will help foster consume