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Got Homework? Just ‘Google’ It

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Dear readers,

Is it considered cheating if a student searches online for the answers to their homework?

Young people in Indonesia enjoy increasing access to the internet. A quarter of Indonesia’s internet users are children and adolescents. Children are highly engaged on the internet. They use it to communicate, consume and create internet content. They also source information as school closures forced most students to spend the last 12 months in online classes.

While the internet opens a wealth of knowledge and opportunities for learning, it also presents risks to children. Many digital platforms are not designed with children in mind. This exposes them to cyberbullying, harmful content, and even sexual exploitation.

Sadly, perpetrators are able to abuse Indonesia’s low level of digital literacy. The country’s level of education and preparedness to use the internet ranks only 61 out of 100 countries in The Economist Intelligence Unit’s index.

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