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Newsletter March 2021 | Who gets to decide what's done with our data?

Dear readers,

If you’re like me, you may be reading this on your smartphone. A smartphone that was unlocked simply by pointing its camera at your face, or placing your finger on a sensor. Your device stores highly individualised records to keep private information secure. With biometric data being captured, one hopes this information is being safeguarded adequately.

Our lives are highly digitised. New innovations continue to advance, are made more cheaply, and are increasingly being widely adopted by all segments of society. It is unsurprising that legislation fails to keep up with the times.

66% of all countries in the world have some form of legislation on data protection and privacy. In the Asia-Pacific, this drops to 57% of countries in the region.

Indonesia is one of the 66% of countries but current laws exist in fragments. A new Personal Data Privacy (PDP) Bill will aim to provide a more comprehensive data protection law.

The Bill contains strong starting points in that it recognizes individuals as owners of th