fellowship program

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CIPS invites qualified researchers to join our Visiting Research Fellowship Program. The program offers opportunities for both Indonesians and non-Indonesian nationals who are completing their Indonesia-related PhD and post-graduate theses abroad, to conduct field research in Indonesia over a 3-6 month period. CIPS also opens the opportunity for post-doctoral or non-degree fellowships.

Visiting Research Fellows are required to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  1. To give at least one presentation relevant to their research topic during their stay in CIPS. This exercise will encourage exchanges of views between the fellow and researchers in CIPS.

  2. To collaborate with and mentor our early career researchers and support the work in CIPS research areas, as well as to take forward their own projects.

  3. To be based in CIPS while conducting their fellowship. They will be provided with a working space in CIPS. Should they need to conduct research-related activities outside of CIPS, these have to be coordinated with the relevant fellowship coordinator. CIPS will provide logistical support and helps with the necessary research permits, if necessary.

  4. To participate actively in the life of the Institute, including attendance at seminars, conferences and CIPS social events.

  5. To contribute at least one written piece, either in English or Indonesian, either as a policy paper or a working paper. The Visiting Research Fellows are also required to acknowledge CIPS in all their publications resulting from the period they were staying at CIPS.

If you are interested in the Fellowship Program, please send an e-mail to contact@cips-indonesia.org