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Head of Communications and Learning Hub



Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Position Type: Full-time

General Summary

The Head of Communications and Learning Hub will be a member of CIPS’ Executive Committee, reporting to the Chief Executive Officer and take responsibility to further CIPS’ communications, advocacy, outreach, and educational goals. The Head of Communications and Learning Hub will develop, execute, and manage CIPS’s communication and outreach strategies, including conventional and digital/social media strategies, in line with CIPS’ strategic objectives and intended audiences while mindfully positioning CIPS in Indonesia’s discourse on public policies. The Head of Communications and Learning Hub will also be responsible to develop the CIPS Learning Hub program and ensure that the program will reach its targets. The Head of Communications and Learning Hub will provide vision, leadership and an integrated approach to all communications products and outreach activities, aligning them with CIPS’ overall messaging and policy positions. The Head of Communications and Learning Hub will be supported by managers and personnel in the external relations department.

Key Qualifications

  • A minimum of 8 years of extensive experience in public relations, corporate communications, marketing communications, and leading public advocacy and awareness campaigns. Possession of an advanced university degree in a related field is considered advantageous.

  • Proven experience in team leadership and people management.

  • Strong project management skills, demonstrating the ability to effectively oversee and guide projects to successful completion.

  • Exceptional problem-solving abilities, with a track record of addressing challenges strategically and finding effective solutions.

  • Proficient in formulating strategies, planning, and budgeting, showcasing a strategic mindset and financial acumen.

  • Comprehensive experience in media relations, event organization, and adept management of digital channels, including websites, social media platforms, e-newsletters, and blogs.

  • Familiarity with content creation and production processes, encompassing various mediums such as podcasts, imagery, graphs, videos, etc.

  • Outstanding content writing skills in both Indonesian and English languages.

  • Excellent communication skills, encompassing public speaking, written communication, and interpersonal interactions.

  • Proven ability to cultivate and sustain relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders.

  • A strong commitment to upholding CIPS' mission and values.


Main Responsibilities

  1. Create, develop, and manage the implementation of an integrated communication strategy designed to support CIPS’ policy positions, policy change objectives, visibility, and presence, involving conventional and digital media channels, outreach and partnerships with organizations, companies and individuals, as well as online and offline events.

  2. Develop the newly established CIPS Learning Hub, an education platform hosted on Youtube, and develop a strategic plan to achieve the CIPS Learning Hub views and outreach targets.

  3. Provide leadership, vision and management oversight in the external relations department, supervise personnel, delegate tasks and responsibilities within the team, determine their strategic priorities,  track their performance targets, and systematically develop skills and expertise in the team.

  4. Supervise and manage the development and production of all CIPS’ communication content, such as publications, social media posts, podcasts, and videos, ensuring that all messages are accurate and aligned with the organization’s positions, and CIPS’ branding and style is consistently portrayed.

  5. Keep current with emerging technologies and trends, explore options, and make recommendations for ways to leverage on these new technologies and trends

  6. Identify potential funding sources and develop funding proposals to support the CIPS Learning Hub and CIPS’ mission and strategic activities.

  7. Ensure continued positive relationships with CIPS’ funders and supporters such as through reports and other impact communications in close coordination with fundraising staff.

  8. Coordinate projects under the CIPS Learning Hub that span across departments and/or projects.

  9. Work in close collaboration with researchers on the development and implementation of effective communication and advocacy strategies

  10. Regularly analyze and report on key communication and CIPS Learning Hub metrics and develop actionable responses to trends.


If you are interested, please submit your application below.

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