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Newsletter June 2020 | Covid19 in Indonesia: Moving On while Numbers Spike

Dear readers,

On 2nd March this year, Indonesia registered the first infected patient, quite late compared to its neighbors. The pandemic appeared slowly, despite high mobility and a vast population. Today, however, Indonesia has the highest number of infections in the region. Confirmed cases increase by a thousand a day. When are these numbers ever going to peak?

While other countries experience a decrease, our numbers are multiplying. What to make out of this?

It is not just because the virus spreads faster. There are also more tests conducted. Still, these tests are running at a bare minimum. The whole country only manages to conduct 2.5 tests on a thousand citizens every week, and Jakarta takes the lion share with 40%.

Meanwhile, opening the economy has been making headlines. Retail has started. Motorcycles are lining the streets again. Street vendors are out selling pempek snacks and iced sugar cane. Of course, this happens with new health protocols and preventive strategies.