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10 - 14 July 2023
Jakarta, Indonesia

About DigiWeek 2023

CIPS DigiWeek is convened annually by the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS) as an open space for all stakeholders to discuss, exchange and highlight common challenges and issues in the rapidly evolving digital landscape in Indonesia. CIPS Digiweek events aim to foster the development of constructive policy solutions to drive an innovative and inclusive digital environment for Indonesia and the region. 

CIPS DigiWeek 2023 is in its fourth year. Policymakers, leading industry professionals, academia, and civil society will participate in workshops, webinars, and in-person discussions to learn, to share and come together to shape the future of the digital landscape. 

Some discussions at CIPS DigiWeek 2023 events are:

  • Indonesia: A global digital hub and marketplace?

  • How can digital infrastructure reduce inequalities and boost employment, including but not limited to preparing a digitally enabled workforce?

  • What can we do to close the digital skills gap in the midst of an increasingly innovative, agile, and competitive digital transformation?

  • What are key factors in the successful implementation of Indonesia’s new Personal Data Privacy Law?

  • How would a highly digitized environment shape the future of education and learning?


View the full CIPS DigiWeek 2023 recording here!


Key Themes of DigiWeek 2023

What You Can Expect

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