Smart Food Business: Fulfilling the right to food through innovations

Time & Location

Thursday, 26 September 2019

09.00 - 13.30 WITA

To be announced


Although rich in natural resources, Indonesia still faces challenges in fulfilling access and affordability in food items. With the population of more than 250 million, it means that agricultural output lags behind the needs of consumers.


Lengthy and expensive distribution channels of food items from crop to table, as well as a lack of technology adopted by domestic agricultural and farming sector to improve productivity output and quality are also huge challenges present in Indonesia.


To tackle these challenges, private enterprises have flourished in recent years to provide solutions that support better efficiency and cost effectiveness in the agricultural and fisheries sector. These enterprises have created various products in agri-finance, digital marketplaces, education, and technological products that offer to overcome problems in the food sector and meet consumer demands. The Center of Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS) sees these private initiatives as a crucial driving force that allows Indonesia increase its food security, open economic opportunities for Indonesians to build lasting livelihoods, and support a better food environment for improved public health and nutrition.


In order to support a conducive ecosystem of entrepreneurship in this space, CIPS together with FNF Indonesia, will be hosting a series of workshops this year that brings together enterprises operating in the food, agricultural and fisheries sectors together with the business and industry experts.


The first and second workshop was successfully held in Jakarta and Yogyakarta with the participation of around 60 people.


To be announced soon.


To be annouced soon.


Registration Fee: FREE

How to register:

  • Fill in the survey form at bit.ly/FormSmartFoodBusiness 

  • Only selected startup will be invited to the event


For more information please contact pingkan.audrine@cips-indonesia.org.

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