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Empowering Parents: Innovative Policies to Improve School Quality and Funding

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Girl with Backpack

Muhammad Adi Rahman

Girl with Backpack

The current education system in Indonesia has shown limited success, while it manages to widen participation access to primary and junior secondary students, what is of concern now is of the quality of the education received. To improve the management system of schools in Indonesia and their quality of education, there needs to be a change in the system for school financing. This paper will focus on two primary forms of school financing systems, School vouchers and education saving accounts (ESA) and explain the advantages that these two financing system brings.

Furthermore, several policy recommendations are explained within the paper, this includes promoting a school-based management (SBM) system, increasing the efficacy of regulations, reviewing incentives and salaries of teachers, and allowing for-profit schools to operate.

Girl with Backpack

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