Junior Researcher

The Center for Indonesian Policy Studies is now looking for full-time Junior researchers. This role will be responsible in supporting the writing of CIPS research and also in conducting their own research in accordance with good writing standards in CIPS.


Who Should Apply?

Young researchers who have early years of experience in conducting research and interested in growing their career in the public policy area. Someone with experience working in a think tank or non-profit sector will be an advantage.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Assist researchers in collecting, monitoring, and updating data, including also cleaning or formatting data, creating data visualizations, conducting literature reviews, and assisting in writing policy papers in accordance with the CIPS focus area and with good research standards. 

  • Conducting his/her own research in accordance with CIPS writing standards.

  • Writing opinions and articles, being a resource person, for the media and also other related parties, as a form of support for wider outreach efforts regarding the delivery of CIPS policy recommendations.

  • Provide input, advice, and guidance to EPLP trainees

  • Ensuring a good knowledge management system for research data in any form (network contacts, resource persons, notes, transcripts, interview recordings, etc.) in order to create good continuity in the implementation of CIPS research. 

  • Evaluate, store evidence, and collect supporting evidence reports for each research that has been/is being carried out in the form of writing, photos, and videos, to support reporting on research implementation to CIPS donors and to support monitoring and evaluation of CIPS strategic objectives.

  • Convey and disseminate the results of CIPS research to stakeholders, policy makers, other organizations and the wider community, as well as maintain good relations with them, to support CIPS' efforts in building public opinion in accordance with the policy recommendations submitted by CIPS.

  • Cooperate with other team members in terms of budgeting or administration in accordance with the CIPS SOP.

  • Represent CIPS in external webinars or other events in a professional manner.

  • Work closely with other team members to support CIPS events, both as speakers and identify potential and suitable speakers.

  • Initiate and manage good contact with external researchers to work on CIPS research projects.


  1. Indonesian national with minimum a  Bachelor Degree in economics, public policy, political economy, international relations, sociology, law, and other related social science majors.

  2. Minimum 1-2 years of experience in preparing and conducting research on public policy issues.

  3. Fluent in written and spoken English.

  4. Practical experience in fieldwork, interviews, and gathering/analyzing data. Sound methodological knowledge in social science research (e.g., case studies, ethnography, mixed methods) is an advantage.

  5. Good presentation and public speaking skills.

  6. An analytical mindset and critical-thinking skills, and a high interest in Indonesia’s social and economic development.

  7. Able to work under pressure and meet agreed deadlines.

Submit your application below. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.