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The emerging Policy Leaders Program

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Program Period: 13 February - 14 August 2023

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About EPLP

The Emerging Policy Leaders Program is a 6-months program where you will learn the skills necessary to work at a think tank and grow your expertise in Indonesian policymaking. The program will equip trainees with research, communication, and organizational skills. Trainees will be able to analyze evidence to identify policy changes needed for low-income Indonesians to access wider economic opportunities towards prosperity.


Trainees will have the opportunity to work closely with CIPS to understand the role of think tanks in development, skills to conduct sound policy analysis, write for a policymaking audience, and communicate policy messages to target stakeholders. 

Selected Trainees are expected to undertake assignments, special projects, and gain skills and expertise through training sessions and practical assignments. Trainees are also expected to join CIPS’ ongoing policy research and day-to-day activities. As a result, Trainees are expected to participate full time according to CIPS’ normal office hours.

Trainees are expected to complete the following assignments and projects:

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Write and publish at least one article
4_assignments and projects2.png
Contribute to a CIPS policy paper
4_assignments and projects3.png
Attend and write a short report of at least one event
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Support the writing of opinion pieces for media
Why Join EPLP
Kickstart your career in policy analysis

Kickstart your career in policy analysis and advocacy 

Access opportunities to advocate directl

Access opportunities to advocate directly to government stakeholders 

Grow a public profile as a policy expert

Grow a public profile as a policy expert and analyst amongst key stakeholders 

Access a global network of policy expert

Access a global network of policy expertise 

Develop critical thinking and and strong

Develop critical thinking and strong analytical skills needed for policy research 

Receive a monthly salary.png

Receive a monthly salary 

Ready to kick start your career? Apply EPLP now!

Training Sessions

While aiming to complete all assignments and projects, Trainees will also receive training to promote professional skills development. The training sessions cover:

Training sessions will be delivered by experts from CIPS and also from other respective institutions. During the sessions, trainees will be given practical assignments such as drafting op-eds, conducting interviews, and collecting data. The assignments allow trainees to practice their skills and receive feedback.

English writing

Familiarity with different kinds of writing piece, e.g. policy brief, policy paper, discussion paper, Op-Ed, articles, etc.

Technical knowledge towards evidence-based public policy

How to collect, process, analyse, and present qualitative and quantitative data to support logical policy conclusions.

The role of think tanks in public policy

Orientation into the work of think tanks and how evidence-based policy advocacy functions towards Indonesia’s development.

Advocacy for impact

How to advocate research and policy recommendations to the government and media. Trainees will build core communications skills to effectively convey policy messages to audiences. 

Analytical framework for public policy

Core skills in structured critical thinking, reasoning, and structure writing necessary to reach logical and constructive conclusions essential for policy research.


Practice the ability to look for data, process them, and translate them into actionable recommendations.

Larry Reed - CIPS Emerging Leadership Program.jpg

Lawrence Reed


President Emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Education (USA)

CIPS has devised a cutting-edge program that recruits trainees for six months of focus on producing top-quality policy research and analysis. I met with some of them during my recent visit. I left with a wish that I could hire them all myself!


CIPs-trained individuals are among the best-prepared anywhere. They author and publish superb papers and op-eds; display great competence and confidence in conducting media interviews; and develop the kind of close, personal relationships with policy stakeholders (in government, media and academia) that produce results. 

I appreciate CIPS as the only think tank in Indonesia that provides a great opportunity for fresh graduates to pursue a career as researchers. During the 6-month program, from basic research skills in collecting data to analyzing, writing, and advocating policy research, we learned all those expertise directly from the experts! The program is more than just a trainee program, it is a life-long learning experience where they guide you to think, grow, and work as a real expert in public policy research! 

Galuh Octania

A Diplomat at Ministry of Foreign Affairs & EPLP Alumni 2019

  • Indonesian nationals.

  • Maximum 25 years old.

  • Bachelor’s degree from Economics, International Relations, Sociology, Political Science or other related social science fields with minimum GPA of 3.20. A Master’s degree is preferred, but not required.

  • Proven organizational and management skills, either through internship or involvement in campus organizations/events.

  • One year work experience in a research or internship program is preferred.

  • Strong interest in Indonesia’s public policy especially in food security and agriculture policy area.

  • Good numerical skills and basic understanding of statistics.

  • Fluent in English, both verbal and written.

Registration Timeline
2_Why Join.png

4 January 2023 at 09:00 (GMT+7) - Start receiving applications

16 January 2023 at 12:00 (GMT+7) - Deadline for applications submission 

16 January to 3 February 2023 - Applications review, interview, & written test

6 February 2023 - Announcement 

13 February 2023 - First day of EPLP

Only selected candidates will be contacted through email. 


For more info, watch our FAQ video or email us here.

Read Alumni Experiences
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