With the aim to help improve education in Indonesia, CIPS recommends policies that enhance private sector participation. This is specifically through low-cost private schools, providing more access and choices for those of low-income, while also creating healthy competition among all sectors, be it private or public.
















Mapping of low-cost private schools - New Location in Riau

Private schools play an important role in the provision of quality of education for Indonesian children, including those who come from poor families. Nevertheless, private schools have often been thought to be exclusive, expensive and catering only for the middle and upper class.


A focus of the study by the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies is low cost private schools and their contribution in providing education for the poor in Indonesia. As part of this study, CIPS have surveyed low cost private schools in Koja District, North Jakarta, Pekanbaru and Siak in Riau. The schools surveyed in this study collect a monthly tuition fee of Rp. 300,000 (± $22.4) or less; some even provide fee reduction or scholarships for students from poor families.


The map shows the location of the low cost private schools that have been surveyed by CIPS. In the future, this map will show more low cost private schools in various regions of Indonesia.

Map viewing guide:

  1. Click the “>>” button on the top left hand side of the map to choose the level of schools that you want to see.

  2. Click the “+” button to zoom in or the “-” button to zoom out the map.

  3. Click on the “cirlce”, “square”, or “star” icon on the map to see the information about the school.