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As an independent and non-partisan organization, CIPS can sustain from the support of our generous donors. Now, you are able to also become one of them. Let’s participate for a free and prosperous Indonesia, by donating to CIPS and joining our membership circle.

By becoming a member, you will make greater impact, gain benefits and priority access to CIPS events. Your contributions support our upcoming projects and policy research.

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Center for Indonesian Policy Studies is officially registered as a non-profit as 

Yayasan Cipta Sentosa 

All donations from legal entities registered in Indonesia (i.e: not individuals) to CIPS/Yayasan Cipta Sentosa are eligible for a Tax Deduction (PPh 28/29) based on Permenkeu No.36 Pasal 6 ayat 1 and Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 93 Tahun 2010. Yayasan Cipta Sentosa is categorised as a Research and Development organisation under these regulations.

Dharma Club

Recognition on CIPS event materials and newsletter

Priority invitations and seating at CIPS event

Receive monthly update

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Complimentary copies of CIPS Publications and reports.

Priority invitations and seating at CIPS event

Tailored quarterly updates on CIPS research and policy advocacy

USD 2,500
USD 5,000
USD 10,000

Wijaya Circle

Brand profiling opportunities at CIPS events

Complimentary copies of CIPS Publications and reports

Priority invitation and seating to events held by CIPS

USD 20,000
USD 35,000
USD 50,000


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Donate to CIPS via Bank

Bank: Bank Mandiri

Account: Yayasan Cipta Sentosa

Account Number: 126-000-715-7356

Bank Branch: KCP Jakarta Grand Wijaya




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