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OUR 2023

CIPS’ mission is to advocate for policies that enable Indonesians to lead prosperous and peaceful lives. Each year we translate this mission into key issues that we see are opportunities to make this closer to reality. 

In 2023, when Indonesia takes the chair in ASEAN and domestic political players prepare for elections in 2024, the team at CIPS is committed to focus our advocacy on the following areas:

Indonesia's Digital Economy 

CIPS advocates for policies that facilitate the inclusive growth of Indonesia’s digital landscape. To achieve this, we focus on three areas of advocacy:

  1. Online consumer protection through policies such as the sound implementation of the Indonesia’s Personal Data Protection Law and the establishment of due consumer protection processes.

  2. Engage private sector expertise and needs in the regulatory process through the wider adoption of regulatory sandboxes in Indonesia’s policy making process to manage risks and ensure continuous innovation.

  3. Spread the benefits of an accessible and inclusive digital sphere to all Indonesians through the extension of Indonesia’s digital infrastructure.

Food Security & Agriculture

To achieve food and nutrition security in Indonesia, we advocate for the following reforms:

  1. The modernisation of Indonesia’s agriculture to achieve greater affordability of quality food items for low-income Indonesians. 

  2. Shifting the government’s focus from supplying carbohydrates to more nutritious food intake.

Open Trade

CIPS recommends policy reforms for Indonesia to fully utilize the benefits of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement. It eases access of Indonesian businesses to regional trade networks and value chains and facilitates economic growth and prosperity of all Indonesians.

Education Policy

CIPS recommends policies and programs that provide schools with greater autonomy and efficiency and that nurture digital literacy and critical thinking skills among the students. The aim is to give more young Indonesians access to quality education and prepare them for an increasingly digital and complex 21st century.

Interested to support our strategic objectives?

Contact us to discuss more. 

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