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Learn about our initiatives to reach and advocate larger audiences to bring impacts.  

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Hak makmur

Hak MakMur (the right to prosper) is a research-based advocacy initiative by CIPS that begins in 2017. We aim to call for more affordable food prices to promote prosperity for poor Indonesians through open trade policies. Besides publishing policy papers, we regularly publish a Household Index (Bu RT Index), start a petition, & create creative communication campaign (video & comics).


MakMur is an acronym for Makan Murah which means "to eat cheap"; the word Makmur also means "prosperity" in Indonesian.

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Stop Oplosan

Started in 2019, we launched Stop Oplosan initiatives to educate the younger audience about the dangers of surrogate alcohol or in Indonesia minol oplosan.

We did a roadshow to several campuses and also created a communications campaign on social media.

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